We are closely monitoring the coronavirus situation and how it could affect our customers and workforce, and taking steps to prioritise the safety and well-being of our residents, service users, and staff in the delivery of our core services.

Please be reassured that our teams will be following the latest advice from government and Public Health England if they need to visit you in your home.

For more details, please go to the government website.

If you are feeling unwell, please use the NHS coronavirus website for what to do rather than using the telephone number.

We understand that this is a worrying time, but please be assured that we will follow the latest guidance and continue to provide you with regular updates and support you in the best way we can.

If you have any concerns, please email:

Coronavirus update newsletter #6 (May 2021)

Our latest Coronavirus newsletter will be delivered to every resident by post shortly. It contains all the latest information about our services, and other information which we think you will find useful.

Coronavirus update newsletter #5 (March 2021)

Our latest Coronavirus newsletter will be delivered to every resident by post shortly. It contains all the latest information about our services, and other information which we think you will find useful.

You can read it here:

Coronavirus update newsletter #4 (Wednesday 18 November)

Our latest Coronavirus newsletter is at the printer and will be delivered to every resident by post shortly. It contains all the latest information about our services, and reassures residents that this will be how we continue to operate through the planned end of the second lockdown on December 2 right through until the end of the Xmas and the New Year holiday.

You can read it here:

Please be assured that every safety precaution will be taken while we are working in your home (Thursday 22 October)

This guidance is sent to tenants where we will be upgrading their kitchen, but the same principles apply whenever one of our operatives visits you in your home.

  1. Every day before work starts you will be asked if anyone in your household has started to show any symptoms of COVID-19 or has been in contact with anyone showing symptoms.
  2. Every day we will check that no operative is showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or has been in contact with anyone showing symptoms.
  3. Any operative showing any symptoms will immediately be stopped from working and sent home, along with anyone they have been in contact with.
  4. Operatives have been issued with the appropriate PPE.
  5. Operatives will observe social distancing by keeping at least 2 metres away at all times.
  6. Before starting work, we will agree arrangements for you to use one point of entry/exit to your property during the working day while the work is carried out.
  7. Every morning a dividing screen will be put up between the kitchen and the remainder of the house and taken down again every evening.
  8. The electrician will require access to the consumer unit. If this is not in the kitchen, you will need to vacate the relevant area while this work takes place.
  9. All surfaces that the operatives have been in contact with in your home will be wiped down at the end of each working day (e.g. door handles, sides, etc.).
  10. Operatives will have access to their own welfare facilities in which they will be able to regularly wash their hands.
  11. Hand sanitizers have also been issued to operatives to use while working in your home.
  12. The operatives are under strict instruction not to use any of your facilities (e.g. toilet).
  13. Please do not offer the operatives any drinks or food.
  14. Please do not ask the operatives any questions while they are working in your property. The site supervisor or Zoe Stokes will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Temporary closure of Citizens’ Advice Bureau virtual drop in advice services (Monday 11 November 2020)

Due to the new national restrictions, which came into force on November 5th 2020, the virtual drop in advice services run by the CAB in Ilkeston and Buxton have been temporarily closed.

The new measures will apply nationally for four weeks up to Wednesday 2 December 2020. The intention is to offer the services again as soon as possible.

In the meantime the telephone adviceline remains open Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm. 0300 4568390 (Calls are charged at the same rate as 01 or 02 numbers).

Coronavirus update newsletter #3 (Friday 4 September at 11:40)

Our latest Coronavirus special newsletter is at the printer and will be delivered to every resident by post shortly. It contains all the latest updates on our services following the implementation of safe working practices and the easing of government restrictions. You can read it here:

Why people may not have accessed virtual appointments (Wednesday 26 August at 10:43)

Healthwatch Derbyshire is currently conducting a project and invites you to get involved.

The project is looking into why people may not have accessed virtual appointments - this is when a doctor, nurse or carer provides support over the phone or via video rather than in person.

The aim is to gain an understanding of the knock-on effects of COVID-19 on Derbyshire residents unable to access virtual appointments as well as those who chose not to. This includes people whose appointments had been cancelled or postponed.

During the Covid pandemic there has been a significant rise in the use of digital services, such as telephone appointments, video consultations, text messaging and others. This project aims to highlight where virtual appointments may not have met the needs of patients and help to provide understanding for the reasons why people had not engaged with services in a virtual format.

Your feedback will be fed through to decision-makers to help shape how health services are delivered in the future.

What would you have to do?

The telephone interviews will take approximately 15–30 minutes and will take place up until 18th September 2020.

Alternatively, you can contact Healthwatch Derbyshire via post and they will reply with a printed document for you to complete and return.

Get in touch

To be part of this project by sharing your views please contact Healthwatch Derbyshire:

Telephone: 01773 880786

Post: Healthwatch Derbyshire, Suite 14, Riverside Business Centre, Foundry Lane, Milford, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 0RN

Healthwatch Derbyshire store all personal information securely and will never, without your consent, pass on any of your personal details to any other organisation.

Appeal for people in Ilkeston to get tested for coronavirus (Wednesday 12 August at 09:00)

An appeal has been issued for people who live and socialise in Ilkeston to get tested if they have coronavirus symptoms – even if they are mild.

It follows confirmation that four people who visited some of the pubs in the town on either Friday 31 July or Saturday 1 August tested positive for the virus. Each visited at least one of three pubs around Market Place – The Market Inn, The Observatory (Wetherspoons), and The Harrow – but the longest period was spent in The Market Inn on the Saturday evening.

Steps had been taken by all three venues to restrict the number of customers in the building at any one time, collect customer contact details, and carry out additional cleaning.

But when Public Health England staff began to look at the contact details for customers who visited The Market Inn, it became clear that despite the best efforts of the landlord, a significant number of customers had left incomplete or illegible details making contact tracing almost impossible.

Office closures: update for residents (Tuesday 4 August 2020 at 15:12)

All our offices will remain closed to staff and the public for the rest of 2020.

We have taken this decision as we believe it is the safest way of working; current guidance would not allow everyone to return to the office in the same way as before Covid-19 due to the requirements for social distancing. By making the decision not to re-open offices in 2020 this will also enable everyone to plan appropriately while continuing to deliver our services to residents.

Like many businesses, we are taking the changes imposed on us through the Covid-19 lockdown arrangements as an opportunity to re-think our ways of working.  We had already started to do this through our one emh transformation programme, so in many ways the Covid-19 lock down has simply accelerated our thinking.

We are therefore reviewing how we use our office space, and how we can build upon the many benefits that come from flexible working – this includes reviewing our 'Working Flexibly offer" to staff plus our office and location requirements. We will be seeking views of staff and residents during this process.

We are keen to hear everyone’s thoughts on how we plan for the future and there will be plenty of opportunities for you to engage in these discussions.

Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding throughout this difficult time. We look forward to continuing to work with you as we reshape emh moving forward.

Money worries? Direct Help and Advice (DHA) can help (Thursday 16 July at 15:00)

If you are worried about your financial situation during the current pandemic, would like to feel more in control of your finances, or are currently experiencing financial difficulties, then help is at hand via DHA’s Money Sorted in D2N2 project.

If you are either unemployed or not in paid employment and live in Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham, or Nottinghamshire, they can support you and help you feel more in control by following these simple steps:

  • Support you to work out affordable payment plans
  • Support you to take control of your finances
  • Help you to increase your skills, knowledge, and confidence with different money issues

You can speak to a Personal Navigator today. They can provide free confidential one-to-one support to help you feel in control and increase your confidence.

Please contact:

  • Tim Robinson on 07752 575247 or (Derby City, Amber Valley, and Erewash)
  • Charlotte Cotton on 07842 129195 or (Amber Valley, and Erewash)
  • Alison Parnell on 07305 802094 or (Bassetlaw, Mansfield, Ashfield, and Gedling)

Update Housing Visits - Risk Assessment (9 July 2020)

We will call ahead to ask if you or anyone in the household:

  • Have a persistent cough that has developed recently?
  • A high temperature?
  • Suffering from loss of smell of taste?
  • Are self-isolating?
  • Are shielding?
  • Have been contacted by Test & Trace?
  • Returned from abroad and are quarantining in relation to government guidance?
  • Self-isolating for any other reason?

If necessary we will re-arrange your appointment if needed.

We will observe social distancing (keeping at least 2 metres away) and request that you and members of your household do the same, and preferably keeping the area clear for the work to take place, including keeping doors open to avoid contact.

Please also keep pets away.

We will wear appropriate PPE and maintain sanitised practices.

Update: Leicester lockdown (Friday 3 July at 11:00)

Leicester City Council has opened a sixth test centre at Shree Prajapati Community Centre on Ulverscroft Road (mobile unit - drive through).

We also want to remind residents living in the affected area of the restrictions:

  • non-essential shops have been asked to close
  • bars, restaurants and hairdressers will not reopen on 4 July
  • except to vulnerable children and children of key workers schools are closed until next term
  • the relaxation of shielding measures due on 6 July will not take place
  • single-adult households (those who live alone or with dependent children only) can still form a support bubble with one other household
  • people are still able to meet in a group of up to 6 and only outdoors, provided strict social distancing is followed
  • people in Leicester are recommended to stay at home as much as they can
  • government advises against all but essential travel to, from and within Leicester

More details on the Leicester City Council website.

Update: Leicester lockdown (Wednesday 1 July at 12:00)

The Leicester City Council website contains all the latest information on the lockdown in Leicester - including information for county residents and a postcode checker to find out if the restrictions apply to your area.

If you have symptoms of coronavirus or been in close contact with someone who has or has had symptoms, please get tested as soon as you can.

There are 5 testing sites within the affected area:

  • Evington Leisure Centre (mobile unit – drive through)
  • Victoria Park (mobile unit – drive through)
  • Spinney Hill Park (mobile unit – walk in)
  • Highfields Centre (walk in)
  • Birstall Park and Ride (permanent site – drive through)

Book your test online or call 119.

When you go for your test, wear a face covering and take photo ID as well as your booking number.

If you test positive for coronavirus, you must stay at home for at least 7 days and until you feel better. People in your household should stay at home for 14 days.

The lockdown restrictions will be reviewed on 18 July.

You can find more details here.

Leicester lockdown (Tuesday 30 June at 16:00)

Following the government announcement of the lockdown in Leicester, where we have many properties, some of our services in the affected area have been put on hold. Until we receive further guidance from the Health Secretary, we will only be carrying out emergency repairs, essential lettings, repairs to empty properties to bring them up to our lettings standard, gas safety inspections, and ongoing major repairs such as replacing roofs where safe ways of working have already been put in place.

Our grounds maintenance operatives will continue to deliver their services, having previously also established safe ways of working.

We will keep you updated as and when the government guidance changes.

Please be reassured that our priority continues to be keeping staff and residents safe.

More services resumed and wellbeing still a priority (Thursday 25 June at 10:00)

Over the past few months, due to Coronavirus restrictions, we have focused solely on delivering the most essential and urgent services to our residents to ensure their safety. We have also been checking on the wellbeing of residents through regular contact.

The recent announcement by the Government of the easing of some restrictions means that we are now able to resume services such as routine repairs, letting new homes and additional support services, using safe working practices. As staff work through the backlog and deliver more services, the frequency of our keeping in touch calls may be reduced, however please be assured that the wellbeing and safety of our residents continues to be our priority.  Thank you for your support and patience.

Watch out for coronavirus scams (Wednesday 24 June at 10:00)

Scammers are using the coronavirus crisis to trick people into giving them money or personal information they can use to commit fraud. Help stop them in your community by talking to your friends and family about scams, and what they can do to protect themselves.

Scams to look out for include:

  • Advertising face masks or medical equipment at high prices
  • Emails or texts pretending to be from the government
  • Emails offering life insurance against coronavirus
  • People knocking at your door and asking for money for a fake charity

Protect yourself against coronavirus scams:

  • Make sure you only use trusted sources of information about coronavirus
  • If you see emails about coronavirus from someone you do not know, do not click on any links or buy anything
  • Do not give money or personal details to anyone you do not know or trust (e.g. if someone knocks on your door and offers to help)

Spotting a scam

It is important to always keep an eye out for scams.

They can and do affect anyone.

People can be especially vulnerable at times like this when they are worried about their families, health, money, and work. It might take longer than usual to realise something is not right, so here are some of the main warning signs of scams to look out for:

  • It seems too good to be true – like an email saying you have won a competition you do not remember entering
  • Someone you do not know contacts you unexpectedly
  • You are being urged to respond quickly so you do not get time to think about it or talk to family and friends
  • You have been asked to pay in an unusual way (e.g. by bank transfer or gift vouchers)
  • You have been asked to give away personal information

If you think someone might be trying to scam you, get advice. You can contact the Citizens Advice consumer service for help with what to do next, and report scams or suspected scams to Action Fraud.

You can check recent scams on the Action Fraud website, and sign up for email alerts to find out about scams in your area at:

You can also find out about common financial scams on the Financial Conduct Authority website at

Citizens Advice have published leaflets and newsletters with recent case studies:

Coronavirus update newsletter #2 (Wednesday 17 June at 12:00)

Our latest coronavirus special newsletter is at the printer and will be delivered to every resident next week. It contains all the latest updates on our services following the implementation of safe working practices and the easing of government restrictions. You can read it here:

What is a support bubble? (Friday 12 June at 15:00)

Unless they are shielding, from tomorrow people who live alone can form a support bubble with one other household. This will be an important step out of isolation and loneliness for many people.

This easy-read guide sets out what you can and cannot do #safecommunities

Non-urgent repairs (Thursday 4 June at 8:00)

Over the next two weeks we will be taking a phased approach to restarting our non-urgent repairs service. To start with we will be concentrating on carrying out as many of the jobs put on hold at the start of lockdown as possible.

We will be contacting residents whose repairs were affected by the lockdown to arrange a new appointment date.

Once this process is up and running, we will review the situation with the aim of having bookable repairs available again in mid-July.

We have over 10 weeks of repairs to catch up on so please bear with us.

Thank you for your support and co-operation.

Government update (Tuesday 2 June at 16:00)

The government has issued further non-statutory guidance for landlords and tenants in the private and social rented sectors on, among other subjects, Health & Safety obligations, repairs, and inspections in the context of Covid-19.

You can read the guidance here.

Government letter (Monday 1 June at 16:00)

On 18 May the government published an open letter on its website to all social housing residents, setting out the level of service it expected your landlord to be delivering during the coronavirus crisis. We covered most of the points raised by the government in our April coronavirus update newsletter, and over the last few weeks we have been making plans for when lockdown restrictions were eased to restart more of our services.

Our current position covers the remaining points raised by the government:

Planned maintenance

We are currently putting measures and plans in place to recommence our regular maintenance work safely. This should enable us to undertake substantial planned maintenance work towards the end of June.

Routine repairs

We will also be able to undertake routine repairs at that point. However, as there is a backlog we will be looking to clear this as quickly as possible in the first instance, and will get in touch with residents to schedule these appointments.

Our priorities for urgent repairs and gas safety checks remain unaffected. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and patience during this difficult time.

We are not currently taking any new appointments for non-urgent repairs.

What will happen when we visit

We will call ahead to check if you or a member of your household has any suspected or confirmed Covid-19 symptoms and will re-arrange your appointment if needed.

We will observe social distancing (keeping at least 2 metres away) and request that you and members of your household do the same, and preferably keeping the area clear for the work to take place, including keeping doors open to avoid contact.

Please also keep pets away.

We will wear appropriate PPE and maintain sanitised practices.

Gas servicing

To keep you and your household safe it is important that we continue to carry out our gas safety works and checks.

We urge you to allow us access to enable this to happen and we will observe the practices outlined above.
If you are concerned about this, please call 0300 123 3645.

Changes to seeking possession

The government has strongly advised all housing providers that they should only serve notice of seeking possession on tenants with rent arrears if they have good reason to do so. We have not issued any new notices of seeking possession since the lockdown commenced. If you receive a notice of seeking possession in the coming weeks, we will have carefully considered this prior to sending it to you. Letters about your rent will have been sent to you and we will have also attempted to contact you over the phone. A notice of seeking possession is the first stage in the legal process to encourage you to pay your rent and arrears. Any notice served will give you three months to clear the arrears or reduce the debt by making an affordable repayment arrangement with us. After three months we could take you to court as ask the judge for possession of your home. However, we would urge you to contact us if you have any concerns about paying your rent. Our Financial Inclusion team is here to support you.

You can read the government letter here

Recycling and waste sites to reopen (Monday 18 May at 8:00)

Some County Council recycling and waste sites will be reopening today.

Not all sites in each county will be reopening, and restrictions will apply. You may have to book an appointment online beforehand. Social distancing rules have been put in place, so expect long delays.

Before planning a visit, check what you need to do: 





Age UK Coronavirus Helpline (Monday 11 May at 15:00)

Age UK Leicestershire & Rutland has launched a Coronavirus Helpline to support older people with any concerns relating to the current crisis.

T: 0116 299 2239

For all vulnerable older people having to self-isolate throughout Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, Age UK is able to offer two free food parcels (usually delivered within 24 hours), two food shopping visits (the trips are free but the food is paid for by the service user), prescription collection, and telephone befriending.

Open Monday to Friday from 9am - 5pm and on weekends from 10am - 4pm.

It also has an existing Information and Advice line for dealing with other issues that people over the age of 50 may be concerned about.

T: 0116 299 2278

Open Monday to Friday from 9am - 1pm.

More details on their website:

Stay alert > Control the virus > Save lives (Monday 11 May at 10:00)

Our priority is keeping staff and residents safe. Following the announcement from the Prime Minister yesterday, we will not be making any immediate changes to how we are currently delivering our services.

Allocations and lettings (Thursday 30 April at 9:00)

We are following official government guidelines and have put on hold any non-essential lettings.

We will continue to work with our local partners to assist in rehousing the homeless, victims of domestic violence, those leaving hospital to free up beds, and those in temporary accommodation.

Applicants not in any of these groups need to follow government advice to stay at home and away from others.

If you have a housing application currently with us and need to talk to us about your situation, please contact the Allocations team on 0300 123 6000.

Update: Non-urgent repairs (Monday 27 April at 10:00)

Due to government restrictions we are currently only carrying out emergency repairs. All tenants who had a non-urgent repair scheduled before lockdown have been contacted and informed that all such work has been put on hold.

Once the restrictions have been lifted we will be back in touch with the customers to reschedule their appointments. We will prioritise the repairs that have had to be cancelled.

Update: Special newsletter being sent to every resident (Thursday 23 April at 11:00)

To keep all our residents informed of changes to our services during these difficult times, we have produced a special newsletter which is being sent to every resident. This is expected to be delivered by Friday 1 May.

Included in the newsletter will be an easy read guide to the new rules about staying at home and away from others.

You can download the publications here:

Support: New government benefits advice website (Monday 20 April at 10:00)

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has launched a new employment and benefits support website covering all the changes the DWP is making to respond to the coronavirus crisis.

The site will be regularly updated and includes the latest guidance on Universal Credit, sick pay, existing benefit claims, new claims for benefit, self-employment, housing, and frequently asked question.

You can find the website here.

Support: Derbyshire telephone befriending service (Sunday 19 April at 11:00)

Our partner and fire safety advisor Derbyshire Fire & Rescue has launched a telephone befriending service.

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue is doing all it can to help those in need during the lockdown, and is offering to call people who may be feeling lonely and missing friends and family for a chat.

If you or someone you know in the area would like a regular call from them to have friendly chat and just keep in touch, give them a call and let them know. They will ask for your name and a number and one of their volunteers will call you at least once a week.

If you live in Derby, South Derbyshire, Erewash or Amber Valley please call 01332 777850.

If you live in Chesterfield, Bolsover District, North East Derbyshire or High Peak please call 01298 608720.

If you are making a referral on behalf of someone else, please ask for their consent beforehand. You can send their details via

Update: Local volunteer support groups (Tuesday 14 April at 15:00)

If you are without family or friends to help with food shopping or collecting prescriptions, there are many volunteer support groups across the region that can help you.

If you know of someone in your community who may be struggling, why not find the contact number for their local support group and pass it on?

Leicester + Leicestershire + Rutland: ONE Prepared brings together all the official help and advice organisations in the area.



Hinckley & Bosworth


NW Leicestershire

Oadby & Wigston

Derbyshire CC


Northamptonshire CC


Northampton BC

Nottinghamshire CC

Amber Valley


Update: Grass cutting & Grounds maintenance (Tuesday 14 April at 8:00)

After establishing safe systems of working in line with government guidelines, our grounds maintenance operatives have started working again.

While the operatives are following these new procedures, we ask that all residents politely help them carry on with their work by adhering to the government guidelines on social distancing.

The team will be wearing extra PPE (e.g. masks and gloves) for their protection as well as your protection.

Please respect any safety barriers or cones the team may have put in place and do not cross these boundaries. Do not approach any of the team or any of their machinery and vehicles. If you feel that this is unavoidable and you need to speak to them about something important, please follow the two metre rule. Do not offer the team any refreshments.

Only be outside on schemes if absolutely necessary while we are working in your area. If you usually have to give access to the team, please do so as usual but make sure you observe the two metre safe distancing rule at all times.

We will be deploying additional resources to ensure that all scheduled grass cutting that has been delayed will be carried out as soon as possible. It is our intention that the service provided to customers will be delivered in accordance with the specification as far as is possible given the current exceptional circumstances and so refunds of service charges will not be applicable at the present time.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this very difficult time.

Working together with respect (Wednesday 8 April at 10:00)

We are committed to providing all our residents with a safe and respectful service in line with our values. We also appreciate the patience and support shown for our staff while delivering essential services to keep you safe and secure in these difficult times. If you see a member of staff, please keep two metres away from them as they carry out their work so that we can all do our best to stay safe.

Helping your children understand coronavirus (Wednesday 8 April at 9:00)

If you are finding it difficult to explain coronavirus to your children, Nosy Crow has just launched a brilliant book full of useful information that can help you. The book is written in simple language appropriate for primary school aged children, and includes drawings by the Gruffalo illustrator. It can be downloaded for FREE from the Nosy Crow website.

Advice: Domestic abuse (Tuesday 7 April at 11:00)

For anyone who is experiencing or feels at risk of domestic abuse during this time, it is important to remember that there is help and support available.

The government has issued new advice and guidance on its website.

The National Domestic Abuse Helpline website provides guidance and support for potential victims, as well as those who are worried about friends and loved ones. They can also be called for free and in confidence 24 hours a day on 0808 2000 247. The website also has a form through which you can book a safe time for the team to call you.

If you are in immediate danger, call 999 and ask for the police.

If you are in danger and unable to talk on the phone, call 999, then - when prompted -  press 55 and remain silent. This will transfer your call to the relevant police force which will assist you without you having to speak.

You can find more information about domestic abuse and the support and guidance we can offer on our dedicated page.

Warning: Loan sharks (Thursday 2 April at 15:00)

The England Illegal Money Lending Team has issued a warning that loan sharks are taking advantage of people suffering financial difficulties during the coronavirus crisis.

Loan sharks are unregulated, often give cash loans without paperwork, and charge extortionate interest rates. They can also often take benefit or bank cards as security, and use threatening behaviour or even violence to get money.

We are here to support you if you are facing financial hardship due to coronavirus, and where appropriate we will agree temporary adjustments to rent payments.

Our specialist Financial Inclusion officers can help residents who are struggling to manage their money. If you would like to speak to one of them, please e-mail us at or call us on 0300 123 6000. Please be aware that due to staff working remotely, customers may be contacted by mobile phone.

Anyone wanting to report a loan shark can call the Stop Loan Sharks 24-hour confidential helpline on 0300 555 2222, text a report to 07860 022116, or complete an online report. You can also use the contact form to request a call-back at a time that is safe for you.

You can find more details and information on the Stop Loan Sharks website.

Update: Sharpes grounds maintenance service (Wednesday 1 April at 10:00)

In line with current government guidance on social distancing we have decided to stop any scheduled grass cutting or general grounds maintenance until ways of working can be established to ensure that we keep staff and tenants safe. During this time our reactive service will only be able to deal with emergencies, but please be aware that this will be a limited service so that government guidelines are met.

Once we are able to resume our services, we will be deploying additional resources and will ensure that all scheduled grass cutting that has been delayed will be carried out as soon as possible. It is the intention that the service provided to customers will be delivered in accordance with the specification as far as is possible given the current exceptional circumstances and so refunds of service charges will not be applicable at the present time.

We thank you for your support and co-operation during this difficult period.

Your latest FAQs (Friday 27 March at 16:00)

Q. I have an emergency repair that needs doing and I am worried that when you come to do the repair you will bring the coronavirus into my home. What are your staff doing to make sure this does not happen?

A. To keep our tenants and staff safe, we have created new risk assessments, safe systems of working, and training material that have been issued to all our operatives. In the current environment we are only responding to emergencies and the most urgent of calls using a small team of specially trained tradespersons who are all equipped with the right personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitising materials. To protect our staff and limited supplies we ask that tenants only report the most urgent of repairs.

Q. My neighbours seem to be having lots of visitors in and out of their home, and some have even been holding barbeques. What are emh homes doing about tenants that are not following the government rules?

A. We do not have the same powers as the police. If you are concerned that your neighbours are not following the guidelines on social distancing issued by the government, we suggest that you contact your local police force via their website. Please only use 999 for emergencies and 101 for urgent enquiries.

Coronavirus scams (Thursday 26 March at 12:00)

During this period of uncertainty regarding the coronavirus, it appears that there are some people who are taking advantage of the situation and targeting the most vulnerable.

Leicestershire Trading Standards has been alerted to reports that people are offering to buy essentials on behalf of the elderly and vulnerable who are self isolating, and then taking money and not bringing any goods back to them.

We do not want to discourage anyone from helping their neighbours or family members in this time of need, and we do not want to breed distrust in those genuine members of the community trying to assist others. We simply ask that you remain cautious and take note of this basic advice should someone call on your door:

  • try to only deal with people you are familiar with
  • if the person says they are from a community group/organisation, ask to see some ID or verify their identity by calling the organisation directly
  • only buy the essentials in this manner, keeping the amount of money to a minimum
  • do not hand over a bank card - use cash only

We have also been advised that scammers are offering door to door coronavirus testing on behalf of the NHS or your GP. Please be warned these are not legitimate. If anyone knocks on your door claiming to be conducting the tests, please call the police.

Even if you do not live in Leicestershire it is likely that there will be people carrying out these scams in other parts of the country.

Please stay vigilant.

Tenancy Services Update (Wednesday 25 March at 14:00)

We want to do all we can to support the latest strict measures announced by the Government to ensure the safety of our residents and staff. Our teams are currently working remotely, and we regret that we are only able to offer a limited service.

The changes to our service are as follows:

  • We cannot accept any new mutual exchange applications as we are only offering emergency repairs and visits
  • Welcome visits for new residents will be carried out by phone
  • We will not be carrying out any estate inspections and encourage you to contact us to report any hazards
  • Customer queries around tenancy and housing matters will be dealt with by phone
  • For sheltered residents wellbeing checks will be carried out by phone
  • Anti-social behaviour investigations will be carried out over the phone

Reports about anti-social behaviour can be made via our email address. This is monitored regularly throughout the day and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

We will keep you updated as things change. You can message us via myhomeonline or in an emergency call our Customer Services Team on 0300 123 6000.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Urgent: Repairs Service Update (Tuesday 24 March at 15:00)

We want to do all we can to support the latest strict measures announced by the Government to ensure the safety of our residents and staff. We will therefore only be carrying out emergency repairs and essential works, such as gas servicing, until such time as Government restrictions change. We will continue to keep you updated of further changes as they arise, and would like to thank you for your support during this difficult time.

You can report emergency repairs by calling our Customer Services Team on 0300 123 6000.

FAQs (Monday 23 March at 11:00)

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about how we are maintaining our services and helping keep you safe, reassured and informed at this time.

Q. I can’t work because of the coronavirus and I am struggling to pay my rent. What can I do?

A. We will work with customers who are facing financial hardship due to coronavirus. Support is available and where appropriate we will agree temporary adjustments to rent payments. We have specialist Financial Inclusion officers who help residents who are struggling to manage their money. If you would like to speak to one of them please e-mail us at or telephone 0300 123 6000, leaving your name, contact number, tenancy number and/or address along with brief details and we will respond accordingly.

Please be aware that due to staff working remotely, customers may be contacted by mobile phone.

We welcome the fact that the government has extended Statutory Sick Pay to people affected by coronavirus. However, if you are not eligible, we urge you to claim Universal Credit or Employment and Support Allowance. We can help you do that if you need us to.

We also work closely with Citizens Advice, who offer help and support for our residents in financial difficulty. If you need their help with your finances, please contact them directly.

Q. If you cancel my appointment because I am unwell or self-isolating, when will my new one be?

A. We are doing all we can to keep our residents safe and our services up and running. We will be ringing ahead before we attend to complete a repair. If you are unwell or self-isolating and your repair is urgent we will re-book it for you and will attend after your self-isolation period is over. If we have to cancel a routine appointment because you are unwell or self-isolating, we will ask you to get back in touch when you are feeling better to arrange a new appointment.

Q. Even though I am self-isolating, my repair is urgent. When will it be done?

A. If you are ill but your repair is an emergency, such as a major leak or boiler failure, we will put special measures in place to get your repair done. Where possible, our maintenance team will wear special protective clothing to be able to carry out the work urgently. If for any reason this is not possible, we will talk to you about whether there is another way we might be able to gain access and sort the issue.

If more of our staff have to take time off work, we will make changes so we can focus on emergency repairs.

Q. I am due to collect the keys for my new home. Can I still do this?

A. Yes, but we will ask you to call us on the day to confirm that you are feeling well. We will ask you a set of questions including if you are self-isolating.

If you are unwell, we will ask you to get back in touch with us when you are feeling better so that we can arrange a new appointment with you.

Q. Can I still visit my relatives and friends in emh homes’ schemes?

A. No, everyone should follow the government advice and stay at home.

Q. Will the offices close?

A. Our offices will be closed to the public until further notice:

  • 1 Barton Close, Grove Park, Enderby
  • Service & Information Centre, Bath Street, Ilkeston
  • Longfield House, Hallam Fields Road, Ilkeston
  • Jubilee House, Stenson Road, Coalville
  • Memorial House, Stenson Road, Coalville

We will still be contactable via our website and myhomeonline, or you can message us through our Facebook page or call us on 0300 123 6000.

We anticipate that during this time our phones will be busier than usual and advise you to call only if your query is urgent.