Help at home

Do you have a disability or long-term illness?

If you have a disability or find it hard to get around because of long-term illness, speak to us about making adaptations to your house so you can stay independent at home.

If you are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) please be aware that the government is replacing this with Personal Independence Payments.

DLA will end for everyone of working age (16 to 64 on the day PIP is introduced) by October 2020 even if they have an indefinite period award.

Do you need emergency assistance at home?

For older, vulnerable and disabled residents and people escaping domestic violence we can provide a personal alarm for a low monthly fee to help them stay safe in their home.

Voluntary carers

If you live in Leicestershire and know a voluntary carer who could do with some help and support, the county council offer some excellent guidance.