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Wondering if you're getting all you’re entitled to?

Our Money Advice Team is here to help, and it's all confidential and free.

We'll check to see if you could be getting more benefits and help you figure out how to spend less. We're up to date on the latest changes in benefits and always on the lookout for local grants and programs that could help you.

Our advisors will carefully look at your situation and assist you with:

  • Claiming benefits
  • Finding discounts for water and internet bills
  • Reconsidering benefit applications
  • Navigating through tribunals
  • Managing your budget
  • Accessing foodbanks

Last year we helped 1,577 customers find over £2.3 million additional income.

Moving to Universal Credit

Managed Migration to Universal Credit

The Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) has started moving people from certain working age benefits to Universal Credit - this known as Managed Migration.  The benefits affected are known as legacy benefits and are listed below:

  • Income Support
  • Income based job seekers allowance
  • Income related employment and support allowance
  • Housing benefit
  • Child and working tax credits

The process of Managed Migration is happening in stages and will affect different areas at different times. The DWP aim to complete this process by 2028.

Universal Credit Migration Notice Online Support

Information about the move to universal credit, please click here.
What to do if you receive a migration notice, please click here.
Website dedicated to information about claiming UC - Understanding Universal Credit 
Universal Credit Migration Notice helpline

  • Phone: 0800 169 0328  - Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm - 0800 phone numbers are free to call from mobiles and landlines.
  • Relay UK (if you cannot hear or speak on the phone): 18001 then 0800 169 0328
  • Video relay service for British Sign Language (BSL) users. Watch the video to find out how to use the Video relay service on mobile or tablet.

Help to claim UC

The government offer advice and support, as highlighted in the next section.

Citizens Advice Help to Claim service also offer free advice.

Our Money Matters Team can also support you.  Simply complete the self-referral form at the bottom of this page and one of our friendly advisers will contact you.

Please don't ignore your Migration Notice.

If you are going to be moved to UC, you will receive a letter known as a MIGRATION NOTICE.  If you receive a notice, do not ignore it!