Rent Increase 2023/24

rent faqs

From 3 April 2023, the amount of rent you pay will increase.

You will have received a letter in February with details of what this means for you.  Further information and answers to your frequently asked questions can be found below.

Secure Tenants do not have their rents increased by this process and are therefore not affected at this time.

What do I need to do?

Universal Credit

  • I receive Universal Credit what do I need to do?

    If you’re receiving Universal Credit you must let the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) know about this change in rent via your on-line journal immediately after your rent has changed– to ensure you receive all the benefits you’re entitled to.  We will not notify the DWP and you may risk being under or overpaid your housing element and this would be recovered from you.

  • How do I confirm my housing costs?

    If your rent is charged weekly, it is due to be sent to your online account on 4 April 2022.  If your rent is charged monthly, it is due to be sent on 1 April 2022.

    You will need to ensure you complete the ‘Confirm your housing costs’ ‘to-do’ section of your on-line Universal Credit journal and make sure it is updated on the date of your rent change. Do not use the 'Change of circumstances' section to report an annual rent change.

Housing Benefit

Your rent charges

  • What if I do not agree with the new rent charge?

    If you don’t agree with the new charge, please talk to us first and we’ll try to find a way forward.

    If you don't accept the proposed new rent and wish to dispute your rent variation you can appeal to the First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber).  Further details on this process are also included on the webpage.

  • How is my rent spent?

    As a profit-for-purpose association, we invest every penny we collect from your rent into providing good quality homes and services.

    Emh uses the rent money it receives to invest in delivering services, maintaining existing homes, and building new homes for those who need them the most.

    With high inflation costs, everything costs more including materials and labour.  Emh must also ensure its homes meet standards set by the government on quality and safety.

    Emh must ensure its homes are energy efficient. This is a good thing as it will reduce wasted energy and the carbon footprint of emh’s homes, as well as enhancing the standard of the property. Although there is a cost to making our homes energy efficient, over time it will result in energy savings for our customers. All emh properties must have an Energy Performance Rating (EPC) of C or above by 2030 and the estimated cost of achieving this is approximately £109m.

    Emh is also required to reduce the carbon footprint of its homes, resulting in lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions, which is better for the planet. By 2025 all new properties that emh builds must not rely on fossil fuels such as gas. This means we will be using new, more efficient methods for heating, when existing heating systems are replaced as well as installing these in new properties. An example of this is air source heat pumps. Over 1,000 emh properties already have these.


  • What if I am struggling to pay my rent and service charge?

    If you are struggling to pay your rent, please do talk to emh.  We are here to help you, and have staff who understand, and can give you advice and support. Talking to us sooner means we can help you before the situation gets worse. We will give you advice and will try to reach a repayment agreement to enable you to clear your arrears. We will also tell you about agencies who can offer free and independent money and debt advice.

    We take a firm but fair approach to arrears.  We will always try to work with you to help you to get back on track.

    It is our policy when dealing with rent arrears to serve a ‘Notice of Seeking Possession’ when arrears reach a certain level.  This legal notice does not mean that you must leave your home when it expires. However, you must clear your arrears or keep to an arrangement to pay them. If you fail to do this, we will take you to court to recover the debt and possibly repossess your home.

    This may result in a County Court Judgement against you, making it difficult for you to get credit in the future and a possession order, which may result in you being evicted from your home. You will also be charged the court costs which are currently £355.

  • I can't find the answer to my question?

    If you have any other questions regarding your rent or service charges please contact us by emailing:


If you are struggling to pay your rent or service charge there may be other organisations that can offer you advice and support.  Please see the document below for further details.