Resident involvement

Join us and make a real difference

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Our residents are at the heart of what we do at emh, and involving you helps us to improve and adapt the services we offer. Our approach to resident engagement ensures that we:

  • Consult with residents, listen to their views and act on them
  • Give residents the opportunity to influence policies, strategy, procedures and services
  • Ensure all our residents have equal access to get involved.

Involving and being accountable to residents helps to build trust in emh as a landlord, and means residents are engaged with us and the work we do. Other benefits to emh include:

  • Its's good for our business; studies have shown that there is a correlation between involving residents and improving performance
    Reduced costs with service improvements
  • A social return to local benefiting communities
  • Compliance with the Regulator's consumer standards by enabling and empowering residents the opportunity to shape our service, scrutinise the services we deliver, monitor our performance and ensure we carry out improvements where we need to.

If you’re interested in joining any of the groups or would like more information, email

What we need from you:

To join any of our groups, you must be a current resident of emh, either as a tenant, leaseholder or shared owner. Each group requires different levels of time commitment and skills, but to join any of these groups you need to be committed to acting and thinking about what is best for emh and its residents.

What you can expect from us:

In return, we’ll provide you with appropriate training for the role or group you join, and will help to develop your skills and knowledge. We will also offer ongoing support to help you be effectively involved, and tell you how services have developed as a result of your involvement. You will be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenses for you attending meetings or participating in events in line with our Resident Involvement Expenses policy.

  • Service Quality Evaluation Group (SQEG)

    Getting involved with SQEG will allow you to analyse complaints, performance data, customer satisfaction, audit and lessons learned. You will meet with emh managers to discuss service delivery, take part in service review task and finish groups and monitor our Consumer Standards Quality Enhancement Programme.

  • Scrutiny Panel

    Scrutiny is a tenant-led process of carrying out reviews of our services. As a member of the Scrutiny Panel, you will investigate emh services, write reports to the emh board, and analyse data and make recommendations based on your investigations.

  • Health and Safety Committee

    This is a really exciting opportunity to share information about health and safety performance, understand how emh activities affect the health and safety of residents and identify ways to improve. We’re now looking for residents to join the committee which will give you the opportunity to enhance resident safety through collaboration, innovation and leadership.

  • Estate Service Champion

    As an Estate Service Champion, you will monitor grounds maintenance and/or communal cleaning. You will also carry out an estate inspection once every two months and report back to us on the outcome of your inspection, making suggestions on how we could improve our services.

  • Complaints Champion

    As a resident complaint champion, you may be called upon by an emh investigating officer to offer advice from a resident perspective when a complaint resolution is being considered. You will be required to complete a review of a stage 1 and 2 response that has been issued.

    The reviews are expected to be conducted once every 3 months and involves the completion of a feedback form. You will also be invited to attend a lesson learned workshop with emh colleagues.

  • Consumer Standard Regulation Panel

    The panel plays a key role in reviewing emh processes, services, and will monitor improvement plans over the next 12 months. You will be required to attend 4 morning or afternoon sessions mainly online, but some meetings may be face to face. Knowledge of Consumer Standards would be an advantage, however training is provided.

  • Procurement Panel

    Being a member of this Panel will involve taking part in the procurement process and analysing data and tenders from the very beginning. You will be in a pool of members that may be called upon to work with the Procurement Team at various times and dates during the year, often face to face, depending on what service or product is being procured.

  • Task and Finish/Focus Groups

    The Task and Finish Groups are time-limited groups which carry out specific actions on request, including audits. You will report back to emh on the outcomes of your investigations.

  • Local Groups

    Local Groups are various localised projects and resident representation. These include social groups, focus groups, local audit groups and localised feedback groups.

  • Online Consultation Groups

    Our Online Consultation Groups complete online surveys, make suggestions and give feedback. Groups you could join include:

     - Policy Review Group, which reads emh policy
    and procedure documents, checking they are
    understandable to residents and making
    suggestions for improvements to service leads.

     - Proof Reader Group, where you will proof read
    documents and give feedback on their content,
    format and clarity.

     - Survey Groups, where you will complete online
    surveys and share feedback.