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Each and every one of our residents is invited to give their views on how we operate. Your views are heard by senior managers and the Board and help them to make important decisions on how the business operates.

To help us achieve this commitment, we were one of the first housing associations to sign up to the Together with Tenants charter, designed by the National Housing Federation to create a stronger and more balanced relationship between residents and their landlord.

The charter includes several commitments, which we published in our Annual Report to Residents 2021. You can read the report here.

Over the last 12 months we have increased the number of ways in which your voice can be heard, particularly through a range of digital options which we believe gives us a wider representation of residents’ views.

You can join one of our online groups:

You can become one of our Estate Services champions:

Monitor the grounds maintenance and/or communal cleaning services in your area, reporting back to us once a month so that we can that the services are as good as they can be and we are made aware of any local issues when they arise.

To find out more about the online groups and the Estate Services champions, please contact your Customer Voice Officer, Anne Phillips:

You can join one of our more formal groups that meet regularly:

Or you can give us your feedback

If you have recently had an appointment with someone from the Housing & Neighbourhoods team, you can let us know your views by completing this short survey.

Privacy Notice

Our Involved Residents Privacy Notice gives you information on how we collect and process your personal information as an involved resident.