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More people than ever are struggling to afford a secure place to live. Yet, not enough social homes are being built.

Shelter, 2023


Why invest in emh group?

We're one of the leading developers of affordable housing in the UK and one of the largest providers of homes and housing-related services in the East Midlands.

The current environment of high inflation, slow economic growth and global instability makes our work and partnerships more necessary and urgent than ever.

Invest in emh and join us on our mission to provide housing and care services that improve opportunities for people.

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emh group is comprised of emh homes, emh care and support, Midlands Rural Housing, and sales, a specialist homes sales agency.

Latest News

EMH Housing and Regeneration Limited under the Affordable Homes Guarantee Scheme borrowed £74.5m funded from the issuance of new bonds. The sale of the bonds, which are guaranteed by the UK Government, achieved an attractive spread of 48 basis points over Gilts, providing an all-in cost of around 4.5%.

Geoff Clarke, Executive Director of Finance at EMH Group, commented: “This 10-year loan complements our existing debt portfolio with a competitive interest rate of just above 4.5%. We welcome the positive partnership with ARA Venn to provide this finance. Their support will enable us to continue to develop sustainable properties that enrich lives and contribute to vibrant neighbourhoods."