Hidden - no longer needed Financial information

In a statement made at the end of January 2024, Standard & Poor’s Global Rating (‘S&P’) announced that emh’s credit rating is ‘A’ with a 'Stable Outlook’.


For investors and partners

emh group started its life as a traditional housing association in 1946. Since then we've established it as one of the leading providers of affordable housing in the East Midlands.

The group describes itself as profit for purpose, signifying our commitment to demonstrating an increasingly commercial mindset to our activities, with a focus on efficiency, value for money and sweating our assets to deliver our social purpose.

At a glance

*interest cover includes major repairs and asset disposals. In 2023, this excludes interest rate break costs of £3.4m.

emh group is comprised of emh homes, emh care and support, Midlands Rural Housing, and sales, a specialist homes sales agency.