HIDDEN - Welfare reform and benefits

Everything you need to know about the recent changes


The government has been introducing changes to the welfare benefits system since April 2013. If you are claiming benefits, or feel that you may need to claim in the future, it is highly likely that one or more of these changes will affect you.

In the government's October 2021 Budget they announced that the Universal Credit taper rate will reduce from 63p to 55p by 1st December 2021.

This means a claimant’s award will be reduced by 55p, rather than 63p, for every £1 of net earnings above any work allowance.

Housing Systems has a useful calculator which illustrates how the changes announced in the Budget will affect the Universal Credit of those with earned income.

The Budget changes affect the amount of Universal Credit that is reduced due to your earnings.  This calculator works out how much better off you should be.  It assumes you are already receiving Universal Credit.  If you are not claiming Universal Credit but feel you may be better off doing so, seek advise from a benefits adviser before doing so.

Please note that the budget calculator does not account for other changes announced in the Budget such as National Insurance increases and the increase to the National Living Wage.

You could be missing out on financial help available to you through welfare benefits or grants.  Turn2Us also offers a free and easy-to-use benefits calculator and grants search tools where you can check what you might be able to claim or apply for.