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Emh group joins the ‘Speak Up for Care’ general election campaign

Emh group has today joined other National Care Forum members in Speaking Up for Care ahead of the general election on 4 July.

Emh group provides more than 21,790 affordable homes and related care and support services to communities across 45 local authority areas in the East Midlands.

Ruth Jennings, Executive Director of Care at emh, said: “We’ve joined the Speak Up for Care campaign to show we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other not-for-profit care providers, our colleagues, and service users in ensuring that social care is a top priority for the next government.

“The adult social care sector represents 50 per cent of the electorate who can vote in this election, that’s around 23 million people. Together, we have a strong, united voice that speaks up for those working in care and those accessing care and we need everyone in parliament and in each constituency to hear what we have to say.”

The National Care Forum campaign is calling for social care:

·       To be a doorstep issue for parliamentarians and candidates in the general election

·       To be the reason people select the candidate they vote for

·       To finally be made a priority by the next government.

Andrew Cross

Andrew Cross (36) lives in a supported housing scheme provided by emh’s care & support service where he has access to 24-7 onsite support. He said: “I’ve been with emh for seven years and the standard of care is really good. They help me to be independent and to do my washing, cleaning and shopping.  We also go on day trips to Blackpool and go bowling, to the cinema and shopping.

“We used to have 12 day centres locally, now we only have three across the whole of Derbyshire. We need more day services and help for people like me with learning difficulties and I’d like to see the next government address this.”

In the campaign toolkit sent to its 170-plus members, the forum details six key areas that the next government needs to address to enable people to get care when they need it, where they need it and how they need it. These include improving people’s understanding of the value of social care on a par with the NHS, creating a National Care Covenant that guarantees people’s care rights and choice, and ‘most important’ that the next government improves the pay, terms and conditions of those delivering care.

Jan Paterson, emh Head of Care & Support, said: “The social care sector has been experiencing recruitment challenges for a long time despite our best efforts. A lack of funding means many care workers are paid the minimum wage or just above and providers like us are struggling to compete with other sectors and the NHS.

“If the next government adequately funds social care, this will enable us to pay our workforce a fair rate of pay and to build on all the positive work we’ve already put in place. This includes improvements to increase our recruitment and retention rates, and importantly, to secure our future workforce to support people like Andrew and right across our communities. To do this, we need our local communities to join us as we Speak Up for Care.”

Residents can get involved by writing to their local prospective parliamentary candidates, and by sharing their story on social media using the hashtag #speakupforcare.

Further information and resources are available on emh’s care & support website.