Pest control

Dealing with pest infestations - responsibilities and advice

As a resident, you're responsible for the removal of any pest infestation within your home, including wasps, rats, mice, squirrels, bed bugs and fleas. For advice and recommendations on finding a reputable contractor to treat/manage an infestation, contact your local council and ask to speak to the environmental health department.

If the pest infestation in your home has been caused by them entering through damage to the fabric of the building such as a hole in the brick work, emh will reimburse you for any pest control costs and we will be responsible for completing the necessary repairs to avoid the pests/vermin returning into your home. In these circumstances, we will need to see the report from your chosen pest control contractor to determine the cause and repairs needed.

If an infestation is found within a communal area of a building owned by emh, we will arrange for a pest control contractor to deal with the problem. These costs are included in the scheme’s service charge costs.