Planned maintenance

In 2022/23, we invested £14.5m in planned improvement works to our customer’s homes.

Improvement works included:

·       Installing 493 new kitchens
·       Installing 456 new bathrooms
·       Replacing 116 new roofs
·       Installing 293 new boiler/heating systems
·       Replacing windows/doors to 134 properties
·       Installing external wall insulation to 73 properties
·       Replacing door entry systems to 21 blocks

The average timescales to fully complete the different elements of our planned maintenance programme are normally:

  • Kitchens – 14 working days
  • Bathrooms – 8 working days
  • Roofs (including scaffold installation & removal) – 18 working days
  • Windows/doors – 3 working days
  • External wall/loft insulation (including scaffolding, ventilation and all additional associated works) – Up to 8 weeks in total.

Please note these are indicative timescales only and the actual timescales will depend on various factors unique to each home. These factors include:

  • The age, construction type and layout of the property
  • The condition and location of the existing utility supplies (electric and gas)
  • Additional unforeseen works (e.g. asbestos removal)
  • Excessive periods of inclement weather when carrying out external works.

  • Prior to works commencing

    Each year the Planned Maintenance Team agree which properties will have works carried out in the new financial year.

    An emh representative will contact you arrange a start date
    approximately 30 days before start date.

    They will arrange a face to face induction visit to discuss the process and answer any queries, this will happen approximately 7-10 days before start date.

  • During works

    Emh representatives will visit the property to complete:

    •   Progress checks
    •   Quality checks
    •   Answer queries

    We are also contactable via telephone and email.

  • Post works following completion

    An emh representative will visit your property to complete a final quality check and sign the works off.

    You will receive either an automated text message or a phone call to complete a customer satisfaction questionnaire.

    All completed works are subject to a 12 month defect liability period. Any issues which occur during this time will be rectified by the contractor.